Commissions tell us stories, are timeless, unique and ultimately heirlooms.
Kirsty and her husband Mick commissioned me to make a very special anniversary ring. They are local to Newcastle and could visit me in my studio, they told me what metal they wanted, we discussed the shape, the stones, each had sentimental value, emerald, garnet and pearl, how they wanted them arranged, asymmetry was the word of the day! My favourite part? Seeing how delighted they were on picking up this special ring!

To commission me is very simple, we can do it face to face if you are local and can visit my studio in The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne, or by email or phone call, or all three.

What do I need to know?
What piece you are interested in, ring, bracelet, bangle, necklace, earrings, I have been commissioned to make silver bookmarks, hair adornment, spoons, there will be more.
I can personalise.
What metal do you want, silver, gold, brass or copper, it could be a mix.
If stones are involved are there any of sentimental value? If you are not sure of the name of particular stones we could start with favourite colours and I can advise.
Style, delicate, chunky, statement. Are there pieces you gravitate towards on my website, instagram, previous commissions?
Timeline, when do you need it by.
Price range.

Drop me an email if you have a piece in mind, to be treasured!