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Autumn 2019 Jewellery Making Workshop Schedule

If 2 or more people would like to attend a workshop I will book a date to suit and you can make what you want!
Make Your Own Wedding Rings, a super special workshop, contact me for details
Contact me or call 07972574180

Silver Ring Taster Class

Saturday September 28th 10am – 12.30.and 2pm – 4.30pm
Saturday November 9th 10am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 4.30pm

Not sure if jewellery making is for you?? Come along to a silver taster class! In a two and a half hour class we will make beautiful simple silver rings, a number of skills will be experienced in this wee class – design, texture, soldering, filing, sanding and polishing, you will initially practise with copper then transfer your designs to silver.  This class will give you a good idea of what is involved in the jewellery making process and what can be accomplished in a longer class, and you will have your own beautiful handmade silver ring to take home with you.

Cost is £32.00, materials included.

5 Week Evening Class

Monday September 23rd, 5 consecutive Monday evenings from this date. 6.30pm – 9pm

Monday November 11th, 5 consecutive Monday evenings from this date. 6.30pm – 9pm

Perfect for chilly Autumn/Winter evenings, be creative, be inspired, make what you want in my 5 week evening class. We will begin this course by practising basic jewellery making techniques on copper, you will learn to saw/pierce, file, sand, texture, solder and finish a piece of jewellery. You will then use your new skills to make sterling silver jewellery, maybe set stones and take home your creations and impress family and friends!

£110, copper is included, silver is not, you can purchase it from me.

Silver Stacking Rings

Saturday October 12 10am – 2pm

Boosted by the ever popular Taster class this is an extended version to allow you to make 3 rings to stack together, all different, texture, personalise, add embellishments, you will learn how to size a ring to fit perfectly, solder, texture and polish…. See photos for inspiration, on the right of this page at the bottom. We will not stop for a full lunch break but bring a snack to keep you going!

Cost is £50.00, materials are included.

Stacking Rings with a Beautiful Stone

Saturday October 19th 10am – 4pm

This class has been inspired by the fabulous work of my 5 week students, stacking ring and taster ring workshops! Make two, maybe three stacking rings, one will have a beautiful stone set. I will have semi-precious stones for you to choose from, we will texture silver so all of the rings will be different and unique, I will have pre made silver bezels for your stones. These rings will be so personal to you.

Cost is £65.00, materials are included.

Meditation Rings

Saturday October 26th 10am – 4pm

These rings are a big favourite of mine, and a very popular class, come along and make a chunky statement ring flared to hold one or more satellite rings which move freely around, they can be made from another metal for contrast. These rings have so many variations, they can be textured with hammers and punches, they do not have to be so wide if you prefer something more delicate. We will cover a number of skills, piercing (sawing) soldering, texturing, forming, polishing.

Cost is £72.00, materials are included in this price.

New Workshop!!!
Beautiful Silver Bangle and Ring Combination!!

Saturday December 10am – 1pm

This is a new workshop, in an afternoon make a matching bangle and ring set! You will begin this workshop texturing copper, with stamps, hammers and the rolling mill, you will transfer your chosen design to silver to create beautiful silver bangles and rings. You will be amazed at your own creations!!

Cost £55.00 materials included.

Contact me or call 07972574180