Handmade contemporary and unique jewellery.

Made by Michelle Johnson.

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About Me

I’m a North East based artist, jewellery designer, maker and teacher working from my studio in The Biscuit Factory nestled in the arty hub of Newcastle upon Tyne.

A handmade piece of contemporary and unique jewellery is an intimate and personal object. I work primarily in silver but also gold, copper and brass. I incorporate precious, semi precious stones and found pieces from the beach or daily walks that attract me into my work.

I love clean lines and strong profiles. Heavily influenced by the natural world my work involves experimentation with texture on my forms, drawing inspiration from naturally occurring textures found unassumingly covering the natural world and our own conscious manmade marks.

Michelle Johnson




If 2 or more people would like to attend a workshop I will book a date to suit and we can discuss what you would like to create.


Create memories to last a life time

What could be more special than making your own or each other’s wedding rings! No jewellery making experience is necessary, I will expertly guide you through the process of crafting your own handmade contemporary and unique jewellery.


Precious jewellery tailored to your needs

My experience and understanding of what makes a good piece of jewellery enables me to make exactly what you want. But I’m still mindful that everyone is different.